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September 18, 2017


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Casinos in VegasYou know that New York was a bit of a roller coaster, but I’ll have to update you on much of the goings on there at a later stage, because already, I’m in Vegas Baby!!!

Before I came to the States, preparation for my trip to the casino floors of Las Vegas, I researched how to play all the different games. I had always played a bit of online poker, but needed to know the rules of all the other games.

Last night I arrived at the Venetian hotel. By Jingo – the place is mahooosive! They have a river running THROUGH the hotel and you can take a gondola ride on it!! Hilarious!! I was advised to go to Vegas mid-week, as the hotels are cheaper then. So I got a pretty much palatial room for something like $300 dollars for the night. You wouldn’t believe the size of the bathroom! I’ve come here with a couple of girls that I met in New York who are off travelling like me, so we get to share the cost of the room fortunately! Sally and Tamara are currently sleeping off their hangovers because last night we hit the casino tables of Las Vegas with gusto!

We hit the casino floor at around 10pm, after grabbing a bite at a diner down the road. Sally and Tamara aren’t very clued up on gambling – so I showed them the ropes. After a good few hours showing them all the different games and teaching them the rules of poker, roulette, baccarat, craps and showing them how to use the slot machines (I can’t believe how many of them there are)! we then decided to have a competition. The rules were, that we each had $50 and we each had to see how long we could make it last and how much we could win in 3 hours. Sally was first out of the running… she went onto the roulette table and put it all on black… I wish I could actually tell you how funny it was. I could see her table from where I was (poker table) and watched the whole thing. Literally, under 10 seconds, and her $50 was all gone! She shrugged her shoulders and laughed and came over to join me, and sat with me for the next 2 hours and 50 minutes drinking free drinks whilst I made, lost, made, lost and made money over and over again! After the 3 hours was up, you’ll be pleased to hear that I was pronounced the winner! I had $22 left at the end of the gaming session, which I think is pretty good going. Tamara ran out of money around the 2 hour point and came over and joined us. Needless to say, my bum was very numb by the time I got up. After leaving the casino we decided to go and see if we could get a ticket for a show – but all we came up with was some dodgy magic show with some old has-been magician – but it was fun enough. I think we made it to bed around 3.30am!!