Privacy Policy website upholds its visitors’ rights to privacy. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide a secure environment for our members, partners and guests. To ensure this, we have created a privacy policy designed to protect your personal information. Below are the provisions of said policy.

Aggregate Information

We collect, keep and share data in aggregate or statistical form appertaining to how visitors use our website. This collective information is shared with our providers, partners and other third parties with whom we conduct business without including specific information about you.

Public Information

Some data including, but not limited to written comments and content submissions are set to public by default. In addition, the use of public features on our website, such as the comment section and the contributor page will make your information publicly available. Please refrain from including private information in posts submitted through these features.

Profile Information

Website users have access to other users’ username and geographical location, but not to specific information such as names, addresses and financial data.

IP Address

We store your IP address in our database indefinitely for the purpose of providing personalised services, keeping track of user statistics and fighting malware. This information is not made public. However, we occasionally share user IP address information with our providers, partners and other third parties with whom we conduct business.

Email Communication

Upon subscription, we send out communications to our users through their email addresses. Opting out to these emails is provided as an option. Furthermore, we send out account-related emails such as password recovery details and automated responses to inquiries.