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September 18, 2017


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the global journalWe arrived in Mexico yesterday. We got a flight out of Las Vegas on Friday morning and figured we’d just book somewhere to stay when we got to the airport. I’d heard that they have loads of minibuses picking people up from the airport and so I stood there and googled a few of the names of the hotels on the drivers shirts. We ended up going for the Hotel Excellente, which the guy said was only 45 mins away in the minibus, and had rooms available. When we got to the hotel we went to reception and sorted out the room (the driver had called ahead to let them know that we were coming).

You would love this place Kelly. It’s totally amazing! Loads of lazy river swimming pools, really private little gardens and these rooms called ‘swim up’ rooms, where you can literally walk out of your room, through your little garden and slip into the pool and swim around, picking up a smoothie on the way round. Not only that, the place is all inclusive… so you don’t even need to pay for the smoothie!!

Every night they have entertainment and last night they put on a pop-up casino in the main square. They gave you chips to use, so you weren’t using real money, but it was so fun. Obviously, Sally went on the roulette table again, and put it all on red this time…. and unsurprisingly lost it all on her first try! She then came round to me and sat and drank while I played on the poker table again… Tamara meanwhile, made friends with some American jocks, who seemed to be very impressed with her British sense of humour. The only problem was that there were loads of mosquitoes around the gaming tables – luckily I was wearing trousers so only got a few bites on my arms, but Sally is covered in them this morning. The girls who were running the tables, the dealers and the croupiers, were getting bitten like crazy too – so much so that I went to the pit-boss and told him that he had to go and get some repellent for the girls, who were suffering so badly. I’m not sure if that good deed for the day cancels out all the drinking and gambling that I did that night, but I’d like to hope that maybe it did?!!

Anyway, I’ve booked myself and Sally onto a free tennis lesson this morning, which starts in about 5 minutes, so I’d better dash… (yes, I know, it’s a miracle… I’ve got Sally out of bed)!!