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September 18, 2017


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Global JournalOK. We’ve just spent a few days in Vegas and my enthusiasm for the neon lights, the casino tables and the noisy streets has waned massively! On Wednesday morning I went to the tour desk at the hotel and asked to go on a tour of the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t believe that they had nothing available on their books till the following Wednesday – and we’re leaving on Friday morning. They said that they had tours of various places available for the following day, and I literally chose where to go based on closing my eyes and gambling on where my finger landed on the list! I think the lady at the counter thought I was a bit crazy! Anyway, Bryce Canyon was where my finger landed.

I told Sally and Tamara where we were going when I got back to the room (yup, they were in bed again, but honestly they are cracking girls and you would love them Mum)! On the Thursday morning we got on a bus and were taken to the Canyon. The journey was a bit of a trek (good couple of hours away), but the canyon was well worth it – it was amazing! A really deep canyon, with these massive stalagmite type things stretching right up to the sky. Hundreds of them.. as the clouds parted every now and again, the light would shine down into the canyon as you were walking through these massive columns and light them up, showing all the different coloured rocks… simply breath taking. I’ll show you all the photos when I get back but you just couldn’t imagine it. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t get to go to the Grand Canyon in the end too, because then I’d have missed Bryce Canyon – and another girl I met today said that Bryce was easily the more memorable of the two Canyons. So the tour lottery paid out in the end!!